About Mark Gottlieb Art

My current work is about beautiful things that go unnoticed. Things that are subjected to weather, rust, fading, closeups of textures and colors. The Japanese have a word for this esthetic, (Wabi-Sabi).  I often seek these images in the desert, or in boatyards and abandoned places. Things that have been painted many times, different colors appeal to me. When these objects are in the process of being repainted, they are often subjected to sanding and scraping which brings out colors that are beneath the outer layer. Sometimes these layers of colors are exposed due to peeling paint and other acts of nature.

Taking photographs and being involved in the photographic process has been a passion of mine since I was a teenager.  I am a graduate of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, and have worked with ad agencies, design firms, and  industry direct,  for many of the Silicon Valley news makers.

Currently,  I maintain a studio in Santa Cruz, where I show my work, create my art pieces, and do my post production.

My photography and printing have been digital for almost fifteen years. In addition to my photography, I do editing, scanning, and Photoshop work for others on a per project basis, and maintain a redundant digital archive of many artists work,  for their convenience, as well as safety. Often I am able to send files to third parties when requested. I fill requests from museum curators, galleries, and authors, and still occasionally do assignment work.

ORDERING: Most of the work represented here are still in virtual form and will not be printed until ordered. The advantage of this for designers is that the print can be made to the exact width required. Most of these images will look good enlarged 32 inches or more in length, and can be printed on watercolor paper, canvas, and metal. The metal prints are very saturated and resemble Fuji Chrystal Archive paper, or Cibachrome. Metal prints  have the advantage of not requiring a frame. All prints are unframed for shipping purposes.  The designer then has the added control of choosing the type of framing that is most appropriate to the space. If you prefer, framing can be done on my end. A sample of frame treatments can be supplied upon request.  Most of the images on this site have never been printed or published before, and have been specifically photographed, for public spaces, and large prints.  

Please contact me through my contact page, or phone me for specific details.